Conscious Investing That Supports Your Goals and Values

The vast majority of our clients invest in our individual security portfolios. These typically include 20 to 30 stocks of companies and an allocation to bonds for stability.

Our philosophy is rooted in responsibility – to our clients and to the community. As a rule, we invest in companies that have a high potential for returns but also practice corporate social responsibility, so you can be proud of the assets you own. We believe in the investments we make for you so much, we include many of them in our own personal portfolios.

With this commitment to responsible and like-minded investing, you’ll gain satisfaction in knowing that your investments are supporting companies with a conscience – and that your advisors always have your best interests at heart.

Nonetheless, we understand that this strategy does not necessarily work for every client. In these cases, we may opt to use a low-cost fund portfolio.

Once we’ve locked down your investment strategy, you will enjoy these benefits: