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Will the Housing Market Crash?

Considering how strong the housing market has been recently, you may think this seems a strange question. We’ve all probably heard stories of sellers receiving multiple offers or…

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Does diversification matter?

A common question clients ask is something along the lines of “are my investments diversified?” What follows will help you determine whether that’s important for your financial life.…

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HALL OF FEAR (Part 1) – The Media, Internet, & Predictions

I started this first Hall of Fear entry very differently until this gem of a tweet from Ben Carlson hit my timeline. What Ben delivers here via humor,…

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN: Introducing the “Hall of Fear”

As markets moved lower in September 2021, we decided to write a piece about FEAR – because if there’s one comment we often hear, it’s that people are…

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When Will the Stock Market Crash?

Part 1: Historical Perspective Many clients are asking about the next market downturn. We consider it one of our primary responsibilities to evaluate “what ifs” for the companies…

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What is a Dividend, Anyway? How does JSA Consider them for Investing?

On the right, you can see the definition of dividend, provided by Google. We’re happy that the definition mentions profits because, over time, without profits, dividends cannot exist.…

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Total Return vs. Cash Flows Part 2: What Really Happened?

In this follow-up piece, we’re reviewing a real-life example of an “income” or “dividend” portfolio and its results, as compared to a portfolio built for total-return. If you…

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Total Return vs. Income Focused Investing Part 1: Cash Flow vs. Income

As people consider retirement, here’s a question we get A LOT (the question has many variations): Question: I need income during retirement, so does that mean you will…

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Oh NOOO!!! I Retired Just Before the Market Went Down – The 1965 Retiree

We often get the question “As I get older, my portfolio needs to become more conservative, right?” Our answer is always, “It depends on what you’re trying to…

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Lessons from Grandma’s EE Savings Bond Gift

My family has an unusual tradition–my grandfather self-built two houses–one completed in 1957 and another in 1996. Yes, he built them, hammer-swinging and all, with family help. My…

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