Identifying Investment Opportunities Around the Globe

Based on decades of investment experience, our team has created a powerful investment process that helps us optimize our clients’ net worth and achieve their financial goals. We look for three key qualities when choosing companies in which to invest:

  1. The potential to deliver long-term, above-average returns
  2. Forward-looking management and industry-leading performance
  3. Contribution to social and environmental well-being by practicing corporate social responsibility

“At JSA, we treat our clients’ investments as though they were our own.”

The first two criteria ensure the financial viability of our investments. The third ensures that we feel good about our investments. When companies meet these three criteria, not only do they have the potential to deliver better returns, they are companies we can be proud to own.

As a rule, we search for opportunities on a global scale, including large and small companies, across many industries and countries. We try to shape our holdings by taking part in important global economic and industry trends.

Portfolio Allocations

Typically, our hands-on financial planning process will result in one of four portfolio allocations. The portfolio will usually consist of 20 to 30 stocks that we’re proud to own. In cases where individual stocks are inefficient, index funds may be used. We add bonds to portfolios as needed to reduce volatility and increase income.

Our advisors will work with you one-on-one to help you determine which portfolio is ideal for your individual investment goals: