Combining Experience with Personal Service to Deliver Exceptional Asset Management

The team members at Jacobson and Schmitt Advisors came to the financial industry through different paths, but all with the same mindset—to approach wealth management in a way that puts people over profits and positively contributes to a bigger purpose. Everyone at our firm is united in a goal to change the status quo of our industry by making our clients’ lives better off with us in their lives.

“Above all, we want you to be better off with us in your lives – it’s that simple.”

We believe that every dollar of your wealth should have a mission—to create the most positive impact possible on you, your loved ones and the environment. Our genuine, truly caring people are dedicated to helping clients optimize their wealth and invest their money in a way that will enhance their lives and surroundings.

What’s more, we invest in companies we are proud to own ourselves. We are always searching for companies with forward-looking management and industry-leading performance that contribute to our world’s social and environmental well-being. Over the years, we’ve found these are the kind of companies that deliver long-term, above-average returns.

JSA is a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission.